MudRunner trucks

Date December 15, 2019 5:16 pm

Can you imagine MudRunner without trucks? I hope no! Trucks in this game are the most important part after maps. This game offers just several default trucks. Usually, it’s old Russian or American trucks. For example Kamaz, ZIL or Kenworth.

That you do not get bored we want to offer to download truck mods. You can find various brands, sizes, and functionality mods. A lot of trucks can be changed with truck part mods, like new wheels, crane, stabilizers and more.

Also, a nice feature with mods is animations. Some truck mods have additional animations, like crane movements, hydraulics, chassis movement, and car swinging. More, you can change truck color or put a skin.

Most of the trucks in MudRunner or SpinTires are old-timers. That’s because in real life most off-road trucks are old. But when you are looking for a mod, you can find brand-new trucks.

Another very important difference between MudRunner trucks is cargo. One truck can transport just one type of cargo. So when you choose your truck, take attention to cargo type. Some mods have a possibility to attach different cargo platforms. So, you can transport logs with one truck, then change cargo to fuel type and transport fuel.

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