MudRunner 2 is it the game about off-road trucking. In this game, your task to carry cargo with very hard roads or forests. Every trip will make new challenges, like swamps, expired fuel or get lost in forest. So, you will drive not one truck or car but will be able to use vehicles park: cargo truck, fuel truck, car, tractor, and other required vehicles. Also, you will use a crane to load cargo. Default game do not offer a lot of vehicles or tools, so for this purpose we want to offer mods.

This website created in 2019. We want to offer our visitors high variety of MudRunner 2 mods. In this website, everyone will find favorite mods in these categories: trucks, cars, tractors, maps, trailers, scripts. All mods improve game quality and excitement. You will be able to use hundreds of trucks instead of a few one’s defaults. Every mod is free to download and use. If you are a mod maker you can send mod for us and we will share it.

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