Rear Crane and New Vehicle Add-ons v 1.1.8

Date May 27, 2020 10:43 am

All .xml edits are done by me. No new textures or meshes are included. These are all in game resources.

I have tested this mod to make sure there are no add-on and trailer collision issues, however, some very small sacrifices had to be made for functionality. In order to allow for more room for add-ons on the truck frames, I have forgone the use of the cabin protector in most cases except during the use of 5th wheel hitches. The Russian crane is now used on almost every truck due to it’s compactness and ease of mounting position. When loading metal planks onto the flatbed with the crane mounted on the rear, you’ll notice that the cargo cannot be positioned properly on the bed, however, it is still able to be packed, unpacked and unloaded. Also, in order to offset the weight of the crane being moved to the rear of the trucks, I have reworked the suspension. I never liked how stiff of a ride the trucks were. Now they have a little more suspension flex and travel. This should make the ride easier on and off road. A couple of suspension upgrades have been added to assorted trucks.

I debated whether to add my scout vehicle modifications, but I noticed that most people were using their own suspension settings for the vehicles they liked. If it is requested enough, I will upload reworked scout vehicles to include the ability to haul medium sized trailers, have more repair and fuel add-ons (depending on the vehicle) and sensibly upgraded wheel choices.

Lastly, I fixed a couple of nitpicks I had with the winch sockets not lining up with the trailer tongues, added diff-lock to the Royal BM17, and improved the power and reach of the Russian mini crane.

The latest update implements custom truck names to differentiate my modded trucks from others in the store. You will see my logo, “JjJ” at the end of the truck name now.

***I’ve included a manual install only option for those that want to use the files as they see fit. Replace game files at your own risk and always back them up first.**



Maintance Addon Buff v 1.0

Date May 10, 2020 4:22 pm

Small one has 1000 Fuel, 500 Repair Points
Big one has 2500 Fuel, 2000 Repair Points

To install:
– C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient inital.pak/media/classes/trucks/addons
– Replace frame_addon_maintainer.xml frame_addon_maintainer_big.xml



TwinSteer all Axles Steerable v 1.0

Date May 10, 2020 4:02 pm

This Mod makes all of the axles of the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer Truck steerable and thus improving the manoeuvrability greatly on this huge truck.
Note: The effects are more noticeable in game than in the screenshots!
The two axles at the far end of the truck have been made steerable, thus improving the manoeuvrability of this truck greatly.
This also serves as an example on how to do so. Feel free to try it with other trucks by changing the respective values.

To install:
– Download and unzip the file
– Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic LibrarySnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient) and open “initial.pak” with WinRAR (it’s free)
– Go to the right place by doubleclicking on the “[media]” folder, followed by the “classes” folder and then again on the “trucks” folder that are shown within WinRAR
– Drag & Drop the file “ws_6900xd_twin.xml” you downloaded into WinRAR and confirm the action with “OK” in the upcoming window without changing any values. It will overwrite the original file
– Close WinRAR



Stronger Crane for RU v 1.0

Date May 10, 2020 3:57 pm

To install:
– C:Program FilesEpic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient inital.pak/media/classes/trucks/addons replace big_crane_ru.xml change inital.pak to .zip to open the rest of the files then swtich to back to .pak and game will be fine works in MP



Loadstar Frame Mod v 1.0

Date May 9, 2020 11:38 am

– Increased Fuel Capacity to 225 liters
– Increased Mass from 2000 to 2350
– Differential unlocked (for sharper turns)
– Added Low and High Saddle
– Added Sideboard and Flatbed

To install:
– Go to :\Epic games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
– Open up the initial pak in winrar and replace the loadstar file with the one from the modded folder



Catapult Mod v 1.0

Date May 9, 2020 11:09 am

Remember to unpack the Cargo before shooting



Realistic Transmissions v 1.0.3

Date May 8, 2020 12:36 pm

This Mod changes all Semi Transmissions to 10-speeds with reworked gear ratios. This also changes all Scout Transmissions to 6-speeds with reworked gear ratios. Each Transmission retains their original purpose and functionality, but now they follow suit of IRL transmissions regarding number of Gears and the Ratios between the gears

To install:
– Download the ZIP file
– Open “Realistic Transmissions” by double clicking it, it should open in WinRAR
– Open Initial.pak the same way, it should open in WinRAR (X:Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient)
– Navigate to X:initial.pak[media]classes within Initial.pak while in WinRAR
– Copy the contents from “Realistic Transmissions” (a folder named “Gearboxes”) and paste that within “Classes” folder in Initial.pak while using WinRAR
– WinRAR will open a new window and ask if you want to overwrite the archive, simply hit OK
– Close all WinRAR windows and start the game and enjoy the mod

To uninstall:
– To revert to old transmissions, open the backup copy of Initial.pak you made earlier, and repeat the steps above, but using the original files from Initial.pak

Version 1.0.3:
* Fixed a missing from the scout.xml file



LED Head/Spot Lights v 1.0

Date May 6, 2020 12:14 pm

This creates the Illusion of LED Lights. It replaces the default Lights and makes them appear as LED. This is client side so it works great with Multiplayer. Other Players won’t be able to see the difference unless they have it installed too

To install:
– Go to Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient
– Open initial.pak with WinRar
– Open [media]
– Replace _templates with the one from the download

Make sure you unzip the downloaded file. Then replace your _template folder with the one you unzipped



Spare Parts in Trailers v 1.0

Date May 6, 2020 12:09 pm

Real Truckers in harsh conditions always have few Spare Parts with them. Added the ability to transport parts in those Trailers where there are boxes. An unresolved issue with the display of the number of places for cargo in Trailers in the store, but the loading and quantity are saved unchanged.

Bonus: Also, the archive contains a file of a low two local Trailer, modified to transport three goods

Mod is designed for manual installation. Installation replace the appropriate files in your archive initial.pak



Realistic Tire Pressures for Vehicles and Trailers v 1.0.1

Date May 6, 2020 10:58 am

– Search the initial.pak file located in the client folder “\ SnowRunner \ en_us \ preload \ paks \ client”
– Open initial.pak with winrar and go to the classes folder “[media] \ classes”
– Replace the Wheels folder with that of the mod

Version 1.0.1:
* Update the correction of Code
* Reset the ability to unlock all Tires

MudSeries (TyMax)


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