Every trip in MudRunner 2 is different. This is why this game is so interesting. You don’t know where you can be stuck in a map or get a broken vehicle. But later you will want a new impression. So, then you can download a new map. In this category, we offer a lot of high-quality MudRunner 2 maps. You will find maps from various contents, like America, Europe or Asia. Every map will face new challenges and surprise the beauty of nature.

Aftershock Map v 1.1

Date April 19, 2021 11:01 am

There isn’t much news in yet. It only happened 2 days ago and it’s been dumping snow ever since. There’s really no way of knowing what to expect. Just gotta get out there and help where I can….

This Winter map is set in BC, Canada. An earthquake has hit and you need to do your part in the relief effort. With fresh snow covering a huge selection of trails around the mountains, I don’t think it will be an easy task

Heavy Exploration Focus
Missions that follow a storyline
Very detailed and destroyed world to explore



Meteor Region CV Map v 1.3

Date April 19, 2021 10:55 am

Meteor: Crater
The meteorite impact known as the Great Taymyr Impact destroyed one area of the Taymyr Peninsula in the early 19th century. The mysterious, radioactive meteorite has been lying in the soft soil of Taymyr ever since. Efforts by the Soviet military to find and lift it in the early 60s failed. Not much has changed in the area since then, only the nature has conquered the area – until now!

Help the Taiga Oil Company to develop the crater, build the meteor base and explore the many secrets and tasks around the crater! Collect samples, find more craters, expand the infrastructure and help the local people and companies in the area with their tasks.

Meteor: Port
A challenging coastal region awaits you on the second map. Help Trans Taymyr rebuild the old harbour on the former military site, build a new factory and help renew the huge radar on the mountain. There are also some heavy loads to be moved in the impassable terrain and the old abandoned facilities hold some dangerous surprises to be explored.

To make your work easier you can build another garage, fuel stations, roads and bridges – if you can get enough material for these tasks.

Importand note for all who have played Meteor before:
You cannot continue to use your old safegame. This is very unfortunate but sadly there is no other way. Regions were not supported when I released Meteor and single map mods can’t be converted to multi map mods. However, you don’t have to play the missions again if you don’t want to. The new map Port can be played almost independently of Crater! After the first mission you are free to move on to the new map.

total size of 7km²
Crater: 2000m x 2000m + Port: 2000m x 1500m
Russian region with correct shop
2x Garage
various places to discover
21 + 21 missions to discover
33 + 23 company contract missions
1 + 1 time challenges
three main quests with full story line
>25h game time
custom sounds
custom models
never seen custom construction missions
various additional vehicles and trailers to find
terrain made with ESA Digital Elevation Model datasets
full translations for: English, German, Russian, Czech language

If you are one of those players for whom the game can’t be hard enough or if you like particularly immersive simulation, then I have a bonus for you. The road maps you can see in the preview pictures are high res ( 4032×4032) and can be downloaded (see links below, you’ll stay on and used for navigation instead of the ingame map – either printed or on a second screen.



Northbrook Map v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 12:12 pm

A picturesque little township in small town Canada. You may find yourself wanting to tour around and look at the scenery but the fact is there are a lot of people that need a hand from an experienced trucker. Since we don’t have any of those around here we figured you would might be up to the job. Start off with a coffee at the local shop while you check out the contracts and keep an eye out for tasks that need to be completed hidden around the landscape. There’s good money to be made around here if you really do know how to operate a rig.

20 missions
6 watchpoints
Lots of vehicles and trailers to find



Test Autumn Map Car v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:45 am

Support for all available languages in the game!

On the summer map there is:
1) the acceleration lane
2) test with three levels of contamination options
3) test with three levels of water depth
4) various suspension checks
5) bridge collision test in car
6) haze test in a confined space
7) two tilts to check the rollability
8) test uphill climb (not included by default) consists of unpaved and paved
9) mountain soil serpentine
10) jump from the mountain
11) descent through the waterfall
12) drift pad on the check slider
13) damage inspection area
14) check in Ford



Test Winter Map Car v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:10 am

The winter test card contains:
1) acceleration band
2) test with three levels of dirt
3) test with three levels of water depth
4) various options for checking the suspension
5) test for collision of bridges at the car
6) test for nausea in a confined space
7) two slopes to check roll-over
8) uphill test (default does not drive in) consists of a dirt and asphalt road
9) mountain soil serpatine
10) mountain jump
11) going down the waterfall
12) drift pad for sliding check 13) damage check zone 14) snow with mud and snow without mud. 3 types of depth: small, medium, maximum