More details about MudRunner 2 mods

Date September 23, 2019 10:16 am

On this article, we share more details about MudRunner 2 mods and game. Like, you know from previous article MudRunner 2 will introduce huge improvements and new features.

One of the most important new features is terrain deformation. All tires will tear terrain and make harder to drive vehicle. Mud and water will reduce your truck stability. Also, you will able to lose your vehicle if you will be stuck in forests or water. For a better experience try to download MudRunner 2 mods, like realistic tire brands or textures pack. Terrain deformation planned to be very realistic and real-time changeable.

Like on previous MudRunner version in the new game also trees will help to unstuck vehicle. You will able to hook yourself with a cable to the tree and use puller from the car. If your car is loaded with heavy cargo it will be much more difficult then empty car. Your vehicle will have different physics then it is loaded. Also, is matter what you transporting. For example, if you will transport bricks, your car will be very heavy and easy to stuck in the mud.

Default map will be 5 times larger than MudRunner. So, it is very enjoyable new! Different terrain types, more forests and various “roads” will give you challenges even if you are a professional driver. Also, you will able to drive to Alaska and try snow or ice challenges.

If you disappointed, that your favorite feature not included in default game, do not get upset. We will offer a lot of MudRunner 2 mods for free. So it’s guaranteed new features in the future, after the game release date.

On the next article, we will introduce SnowRunner game.

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