Kamaz 6345 Arctic v 1.4

Date June 10, 2020 10:25 am

Version 1.4:
-Functional rear cabin beacons
-Roof rack attachment
-Cabin protector option

-Suspension tweaks and spotlight unlock correction

Background: Few vehicles offer less utility than the Azov 42-20 Antarctic and fewer still can match the level of disappointment suffered by most after realizing the final vehicle unlock was surpassed by nearly every other platform–if there were any roles the Azov 42-20 could perform, there were at least 6 other platforms which could do the same task more efficiently. The value proposition for the Azov 42-20 was nonexistent.

The KAMAZ-6345 Arctic received the following changes:
Name change to reflect the real-world vehicle
High and low saddle attachments
Choice of 4 suspensions heights
73″ wheel options
Mass reduced from 27,000 kg to 16,000 kg to mirror IRL weight
Utilizes the LAZ-8 T260, LAZ-8 T290, and IMZ-8 330-T engines; “B+, A-, A” power-to-weight rating respectively (same engine as the Tayga)
The reduction in mass and the new powerplants provides the KAMAZ with best-in-class fuel economy (even when paired with the off-road gearbox)
Center of gravity adjusted to prevent rollovers (from “1.0, -1.0, 0” to “1.0, -0.6, 0”)
Wider stance; from “0” to “0.15”
Note: The combination of a slightly wider stance and the change to COG provides greater stability than the ANK Mk 38 / raised Paystar (see attached images for approximate tipping point)
Unlockable at level 1

To reflect the additional capabilities, the vehicle price has been increased to ~$185k.

Click to subscribe. This will not replace the original Azov 42-20; look for a separate “KAMAZ-6345 Arctic” listing in the RU truck store.

Disclaimers & Limitations:
This mod was intended for installation via subscribe; if you are installing manually and have other manually installed mods, conflicts will most likely occur; I cannot help troubleshoot.
I have not tested this in MP; my assumption is it will not work unless all parties have the mod installed and / or have updated the vehicle within the initial.pak file
Raised trailers are highly recommended (especially for raised suspension and larger tires)



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