Real off-road trucks for MudRunner 2. Russian, American, European trucks adapted for off-road. From light machines to really powerfull army trucks. Some trucks instead of wheels have tracks. Everyone truck have different physics and parameters. So, every truck will give new impressions.

SK Kodiak C70 v 1.0.2

Date February 2, 2021 12:27 pm

This is my take on the Chevrolet Kodiak C70. I love the way this truck looks, but wanted to make it a truck that I also love to drive. I spent a good amount of time on it. I hope you all like it.

I have added a lot of options and different configurations for optimal customization to tackle any mission. Major changes include:

– 3 Custom SK Tuned Turbo Diesel Engines
– 4 Custom SK Tuned (Active) Suspensions
– 4 Custom SK Tuned Gearboxes
– 4 Custom SK Tuned Autonomous Winches
– Custom SK Tuned Mini-Crane – Thanks to masterkosta for allowing me to use his Russian Black Mini-Crane
– Custom SK Tuned Heavy US Crane
– Additional Bumpers, Frame Addons, Snorkels, Light Bars, Cabin Protectors, and other misc addons for lots of customization choices
– All Tires Tweaked for Optimal Performance in any terrain (Removed some tire choices and added new ones)
– Increased Fuel Capacities across the board
– Increased Damage Capacities in all areas
– Added Winch Points
– Locked Diff and Added E-Brake to All 4 Wheels
– Unlocked all addons to level 1

Too much to list! I made many changes to improve performance all around. Some options may be “OP” but that’s the way I like to play this game and I know some of ya’ll are the same. If this is not your style, there are lots of other choices out there to fill your needs. I hope you all enjoy this rig, and look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!



Oshkosh M911 Moose v 11.2

Date February 2, 2021 12:17 pm

I was using maxmike181’s for the longest (highly suggested), but I decided to start fresh and edit my own Derry 3194. Mike’s Derry is fully featured whereas mine stays to its roots.

A bit of code switch-a-roo and it’s like two trucks in one! You get a crawler and tow pig at the same time with available, pusher, lift axle. A soft, supple crawler style suspension with the pusher axle up; Drop it down for extra traction and load carrying capability. The axle can also be powered with AWD selection for those tough situations. Remember, with AWD on, fuel consumption increases.

Not every truck is a swiss army knife. This truck is specific! It is one of Oshkosh’s first military trucks meant for hauling heavy loads.
Finely Tuned Design:

FTD Engines: Torque increased from 210kto 700k. This is in effort to drive smoothly in low – without the wheels “stuttering” too much.
FTD Suspension: “Default” and “High” both with raiseable pusher axle, active suspension.
FTD Gearboxes: All gearboxes tuned; have high/low and low +/- gears. “Default” 5 speed, 8 speed highway, and 6 speed crawler.
FTD Winches: All winches for use offline. 30.5m, 45.8m lengths and 1.3, 1.8 strengths.
FTD Wheels/Tires: F750, P16, Heavy Double, Medium Double, CAT 770G Heavy Double.
FTD Addons:
Exhaust1 – Corrected smoke origin location.
Added International 1700 flasher.
Added KRS 58 Bandit Crane.
Added Single Slot Flatbed.



International Transtar Blueline X v 1.0.2

Date February 2, 2021 12:14 pm

The Transtar. Probably the most overlooked truck in the game. And there is only one single tweak available. So here is my take on the Transtar, making it more capable in many ways. With a lot of additional cosmetic options, new engines, tires, optimized suspension and 51″ wheels it will master every challenge on it’s way to glory.

– 2 types of cabin lights -2 visors -5 fenders -2 horns -2 spotlights -1 snorkel & seismic vibrator
– P16-, Tayga- and MSH tire options
– Cat CT680 engines replaced old ones (GB-8V-2700T is the strongest engine)
– Adjusted suspension & increased wheelsize
– 49x engine rev and engine start sounds
– Increased fuel capacity from 265 to 300 liters
– Moved both, high and low saddle a bit to the front
– Increased truck price by 30k
– except for a few all addons should be available at level 1

Please note:
– I need feedback on the sound changes and if the different semitrailers behave as they should (especially the large fueltanker and clipping issues I might have overlooked)

1.0.1 & 1.0.2
– Made reverse- and highgear on the 9-speed gearbox a bit faster
– Switched to always-on diff.lock
– Moved the fenders a bit up (shouldn’t clip any longer)



WS 6900XD Twinsteer Blueline X v 1.0.1

Date February 2, 2021 12:04 pm

– custom engines are now available (apologies guys)

This is the same tweak as my recently released Blueline series of the Twinsteer. I just replaced it’s engines with my Blueline-X variants of the Twinsteer engines you might know from my other tweaks, completly reworked the lifted suspension and increased the size of the new wheels to 63″ (both of wich are now available for the Blueline series as well). The interior camera sits now a little more back and a little higher and I also added 2 new paint jobs.

#Blueline-X series Twinsteer engines which consume more fuel but bring it on par with the Kolob engines

#Custom 9-speed (good for very heavy stuff) & special gearbox options

#Custom trailers with higher suspension & MSH2 tires

#Complete rework of raised suspension

#Moved interior camera a bit back and up for more immersion

#P16 & Cat770 tire options

#RU minicrane

#A bit rearsteer

#increased truck price by 30k



Behemoth Titan T813 v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:59 am

Here is unbranded but famous 8×8 tough truck for hard terrain.
You can take it anywhere – it makes the job and takes you back with no problems.
Realistic driving as possible – so dont expect fast driving.
Very nice interior with functional steering wheel and mirrors ( for some users )
It has many addons, skins, wheels and perfect offroad skills – almost unstoppable.



C.C.M. 46 Power Wagon v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:49 am

C.C.M. is proud to present the C.C.M 46 Power Wagon. The Dodge Power Wagon was a four wheel drive light truck that was produced in various model series from 1945 to 1981.The original version was based on Dodge’s 3/4 ton WC series of WW2 Military trucks. The civilian Power Wagon continued the production of four wheel drive trucks from the 1930s. It is a significant predecessor to the many four wheel drive trucks in modern use today. As a version of the Dodge 3/4 ton WC series WW2 military trucks, the Power Wagon was introduced in 1946 as the first civilian 4×4.The Power Wagon had an enclosed all-weather cab and an 8-foot cargo bed.

model from hum3d with little modification by me(admittedly i only gave this model the few things i felt it was missing i.e. better axles and leafs, firewalls so you didnt see through all the normals with the hood off,steering box and drag link and a couple other small touches, other than that its almost as the model came its just to good to cut up in my opinion)axles and leafs were off another model and all the blackouts drag link and steering box were done by me. tire meshes are as follows freshbuckshot is a modified version of offroad_tire_301 by pablo perez (2009) and the bogger mesh was done by me.

things still to come.
1. a better interior(just little things probably not working gauges yet, but door handles and a shifter at the bare minimum

2.more addons. there isnt much now but i do plan on making a full rack for the bed with supplies on it, probably a rollbar and possibly a bumper addon but idk i like the defualt one alot and i didnt make it removable either

3.working mirrors? ehhh idk same as the rest it doesnt bother me as much as it should so they are never high priority

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.(you all should know who you are by now, and the list is indeed getting longer)and that includes all of you who have left constructive criticism to help and shape these things i put together into the little “masterpieces”(they are to me.) they all should be. thank you

will this come to console? tbh probably not. i left the badges on and i dont currently have plans to make a second version for console. maybe if the demand is high enough. but idk. the files are there but it is not eligible from what i can tell and i didnt consider it when making it.

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and re-upload anything I’ve put together or created without my permission. (if you want to use a mesh I’ve created all you have to do is ask most of the time,and a nod to me wherever you use it, is all i ever ask in return) as far as uploading tweaks of my mods if you keep them private, then hey who cares. but I don’t want tweaks published publicly, (if you want to make mods, than learn to make mods.and make it yourself there’s a lot of time and effort involved in putting these things together and im just not cool with it, all the models I’ve used are easily publicly available, and the ones I’ve made, some have way to many hours for what they are into if you wanted to work together and publish them on the same page with the credit to each accordingly? well that’s a different story,and that can be talked about)



Kat Kolob CK9150 v 1.2.5

Date February 2, 2021 11:27 am

This is a Test Version of the truck. If you do download it, be aware that I expect it to be taken back down in about 5 days. Also, if you use it, I would like feedback on the truck, more specifically the tire choices. They are base tire sets with different values for the different surfaces. I am trying to nail down just what changed with recent game updates. The categories of each tire will be where that tire is strongest though the tire may have better stats than base tires. I tried to keep things balanced but it is very subjective so feedback is very helpful. I would not consider this a “cheat” truck but one that has the performance of what you’d expect from such a truck today. Also be mindful that the truck seems OP when its not hauling cargo. That impression will change once you have a trailer with a full load. After all, that’s what this truck was designed to do.

The details:
This is the base Kolob with added suspensions, gearbox, engines, addons, and tires (same as most mods). The tire and engine additions are better than base values. The truck still behaves like I think it should have in the first place. The tires have the biggest impact so I spent a lot of time testing and tuning them to work in most environments. The engines are a far piece better than base but the truck is virtually unusable without the extra horsepower and the options allow you to use less powerful engines if you want a base game feel. Everything should be unlocked. The truck is set to be very cheap so users can get it early in a new game however there is limited use until one reaches about level 5. Have fun and good health.

– Faster steering with some rear wheel steer added.

– Custom Active Suspensions (along with default suspension) The Active Suspensions are suggested for all uses but the default suspension work fine too.

– Custom Offroad Gearbox (as well as the High Range and Default versions). The truck is fast for a Heavy but also has great low gears.

– Enhanced Russian Engines and two US Engines (including a Cat specific engine). All engines feature more power but only the most expensive ones are “excessive”. Even though, you will need lots of power for hauling oil rigs through mud and rocks.

– Larger fuel tank – 500L

– More tires. Added All-Terrain, Offroad and Rock, and “Snow” tires. Allterrain are a good all around tire and work for many conditions. Offroad are very good on rocks, dirt, and rough areas and even in some mud. Snow tires are similar to mud tires with the ability to work on ice. They are found under the “Chains” category. All upgraded tires are identified with an “SP” name.

– Offline Winch – longer and stronger

– Added Saddle Low and a few Addons to help make this truck more useful.

– The Maintainer Van Addon has extra repair points and wheels, no fuel. (800 repair and 6 tires)

– Maintenance Addon which retains the ability to tow trailers. (My Favorite Addon) The Addon has 2000L fuel, 2000 repair points, and 16 tires (way overkill I know)

– A couple of Roof Top Racks. They do not contain a lot of equipment but will help in those odd times.

– Limited color choices that go with the theme of a Caterpillar/Kobol collaboration. I suggest using the Dark Yellow (or faded orange) as it does look like a Cat.



DCB US R900 Big Bob v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:21 am

Back in the day my granpa always said that a crazy mechanic from his division, took a 5-ton military truck and locked himself with it in an old barn somewhere in Iowa. A few weeks later, the doors opened and we couldn’t believe what we saw.

This truck includes several tire and rims options, as well as frame addons. It can carry 1 loads slots or a utility addon to support your fleet.

The main model on this mod has been ported over from the game SQUAD under licence from Offword Industries. All the rights of these assets belong to their respective owners. The Squad logo is property of Offworld Industries.



Kraz-255B Truck v 1.0

Date February 2, 2021 11:06 am

KrAZ-255B is a Soviet heavy all-terrain truck with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement. Designed for transportation of goods and personnel on roads and off-road. Created on the basis of the KrAZ-214B, from which the general layout is inherited. Among the main differences are the more powerful and economical YaMZ-238 motor and wide-profile tires with a centralized pressure control system.

– Removed all add-ons, left only the crane and support;
– Physics is completely standard;
– Changed the textures on the cockpit and addons;
– Changed the texture in the cabin;
– Added texture for mirrors;
– Minor changes;
– Can carry 6, 8 cargo points.

– Replaced the wheels on the truck;
– New spare wheel;
– Added your cargo;
– Dump body;
– Onboard platform;
– Timber platform;
– Garage parts;
– Tank;
– Garage;
– Protection for headlights.

It has:
– 16 of their add-ons + standard.



Western Monster v 1.0

Date June 10, 2020 10:28 am

Got a good deal on parts so this truck is much cheaper than retail!! Wont blow all your hard earned money for a bit of fun.

Stock suspension with many tire options
Raised firm suspension for monster truck hauling
Raised soft suspension for having fun
Added exhausts, repair, fuel and wheel points
Winch points added to roof and tires
The strongest engines to move this tank
Longer and stronger winches
Crane anchors work with the monster wheels
More colour customizations