C.C.M. DC33 v 1.05

Date March 10, 2021 1:50 pm

C.C.M. is very proud to present the C.C.M. DC33. the DC33 was brought about during the “rat rod” craze of the late 90’s, although unlike the MD32 which was built using a brand new body that was never used after production. This particular vehicle was built using the body of a vehicle that sat in the woods behind the shop for about 55 years before it got dragged out and made into the machine it is now. the original “horn” on the front of the frame was retained and reused on the new custom frame to ensure it retained the look the car was made with, also featuring a long arm 3 link setup front and rear, the dc33 can flex and trail with some of the best of them(and look good doing it)

the starting point for the body came from freee3d,axles are from sketchup the frame, interior(other than the front seat, seat and shifter is borrowed from a free model of a dusenberg speedster ), suspension, and tires other than the custom mud and slot wheel are me.(custom mud and slot wheel made my MRdeisel59) buckshot tire is a modified version of (offroad tire 301 pedro perez 2009) fender addon is borrowed and reworked from the power wagon

Huge thank you to everyone that has and continues to help me in my struggle to make mods (really, id be nowhere without ya’s!) you all rock.

questions comments concerns and or criticism feel free to leave them in the comments down below or find me in my little corner of the world over in the ix server discord. as with all my mods if you find yourself going towards that thumbs down button. do me a favor and try and think and put it into words as to why you feel it deserves that down thumb and leave it in the comments(be fore warned comments of “it sucks” or “it doesnt go with the game” will be ignored, but every legit comment left will be considered for future updates.

things still to come?..

1. addons of some sort other than just ugly fenders and boards

2. maybe some more “shine” related paraphernalia

3. maybe a dead deer dressed up like a human and strapped into the passenger seat! idk?

IS THIS COMING TO CONSOLE?? idk but i hope so, the paks are there, there is no real world references and the body has definitely been changed enough to not really be sure what brand the cab started out as. so it should be able to go and i hope it does.



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