Azov 64131 Buffed Truck v 1.1

Date May 8, 2020 12:15 pm

The ability to install three types of suspension, of different heights and characteristics is added, the corresponding wheel sizes are added, the maximum speed limit is increased ~ 20%, the increased power of all engines is ~ 10%, the fuel tank is 550 l, a heavy winch is installed, and the vehicle weight is reduced ~ 10%. You can use the middle suspension and middle wheels when towing ordinary trailers, and the high suspension and big wheels when towing heavy or special trailers, or use the low suspension and double tires to increase stability. Mod is designed for manual installation. Installation replace the appropriate files in your archive initial.pak

Version 1.1:
* A Truck is available for purchase in America
* An improved 6 speed gearshift has been added, with a low first gear for less use of a lower gear, and a better effect of short pulling away, if you do not need it do not make changes from the gearboxes folder, replaces other mods that change this box
* Another set of wheels for installation
* Front axle height reduced
* The stock bar of light above the cabin has been removed (it will remain with already purchased Truck)

Original files added if you need them



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